Week #10 of 19 2024 Recap

There are now 10 weeks left in the FLRC Challenge, which means completion is well within reach even for those who can run only one course per week. If you have friends who have been dragging their feet, now’s the time to get them to join the 194 participants so far—a new record!

Although the wacky weather may have resulted in a slightly low mileage week, we’ve just broken 1,500 runs and 7,000 miles. With two more completions, the FH Fox course will exceed 1,000 miles—it seems to be the most popular course of the year.

A chunk of this week’s miles came from Amy Dawson, who celebrated the end of the school year by being the first person to complete the new FLRC Tough Tarmac Challenge. She ran all five of our road courses for the year in just under 7 hours.

Amy still has to run some trail courses to claim her overall medal, but four other @Challengers finished their final courses: Joette Foster, Caitlin Loehr, Lois Meyer, and Bob Talda. Lois and Bob are now tied for oldest finisher. Congratulations! We’re now up to 22 finishers.

Thanks to logging her final course, Caitlin Loehr has bounded onto the leaderboard, moving into second for Most Points behind Nora McIver-Sheridan (and taking a few points from Nora’s perfect score by besting her time on Lakefront Loops). Caitlin also now leads Age Grade and is tied for second in Community Stars behind Melissa Plank.

Photos of the week go to Melissa Plank for her “Kilroy was here” imitation on FH Fox.

To Clan Lambert for their remote track photo from Chamonix, on the track at the 1924 Winter Olympics complex: it’s hard to beat four @Challengers in one photo on one of the most scenic tracks ever—don’t miss the rest of their pictures.

And to Gerald McKinley and Marie Donnelly for modeling this year’s snazzy shirts on a scenic Valley Views run.

If you still need a purple FLRC Challenge shirt, we have a few more available, along with some fitted (women’s) versions of last year’s green Challenge shirt. Get 'em while you can!

There’s no group run this weekend because of the Finger Lakes 50s race—we could still use some more volunteers tomorrow!

Until next week, keep covering the ground!