Week #14 Recap

Last week saw our first in-person race crossover with the FLRC Challenge, and it resulted in a lot of efforts and fast times on the Thom B. course. Adam Pacheck ran an astonishing 51:24 to extend his lead, while Rich Heffron leaped into second with a 61:05 (as part of his two-loop race), and Jean-Luc Jannink improved on his time by over 14 minutes to move into third. On the women’s side, Jullien Flynn dropped over 7 minutes from her previous time with a 66:37 to move into the lead. I’m sure there were lots of other course PRs set last Saturday—please share your stories and pictures below!

Speaking of Thom B, it takes place on the Hammond Hill trails, and the Friends of Hammond Hill fundraiser has just a few more days left, so if you haven’t yet had a chance to help them raise money for trail maintenance, please do.

Next up is Tortoise & Hare. Heather Cobb is leading a group run there on Saturday, June 5th (great for a pre-race run-through), and then the in-person race will take place on Sunday, June 6th. 55 people are signed up for the race so far, and there’s plenty of room for more, so tell your friends.

In leaderboard news, Jullien Flynn also became the 18th person to complete all ten FLRC Challenge courses, with Steve Ryan and Bob Talda only one course away. Plus, five people posted their first efforts on the leaderboard: Jamie Howard, Dave Kania, Mik Kern, Tristan Lambert, and Sarah Ridenour—welcome!

Finally, please sign up for an FLRC Challenge lawn sign! Let’s see how many we can get out in the area to turn people on to FLRC and the Challenge.

That’s it for this week—enjoy some cool, wet runs before the heat of summer descends on us again.

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