Week #15 Recap

Sorry for the late recap—evening drinks with the Tortoise & Hare volunteers made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and I hope we can make that more of a pre-race tradition for those who help out.

The weather definitely got in the way of the FLRC Challenge this week, so good on those of you who got out in the wet.

Tortoise & Hare is where the action is this weekend, with Heather Cobb’s group run on Saturday at 8:30 AM and the in-person race put on by Mickie Sanders-Jauquet on Sunday—remember to register by Saturday at 6 PM since there is no day-of-race registration. If you’ve ordered an FLRC Challenge buff, come to either event, and you can pick it up from me!

One of the goals of the FLRC Challenge is to give lots of people a chance to stand out even if they aren’t the fastest. For each course, the Most Runs award goes to the person who completes the course the most times, regardless of speed. So who’s doubling down on specific courses? Some of the competitions are tight (Danby Down & Dirty and Pseudo Skunk Cabbage), and perhaps we’ll see others heating up once people see that they’re in striking range of the lead (Cornell Botanic Gardens, Waterfront Trail, Forest Frolic). See where you are on the leaderboard for each course with the links below!

See you at Tortoise & Hare Saturday or Sunday and then it’s time to get acclimated to some summertime heat!

Oops! There were mixups with the Black Diamond Trail and Pseudo Skunk Cabbage in the version people may have seen in email. It’s fixed above now.