Week #21 Recap

The weather continues to drag down our mileage (well, that and @heathercobb3 being on vacation), though I hope a small group Tortoise & Hare run that’s happening later today will hopefully bring us up over 300 miles, a mark we just missed last week too. But with any luck, we’ll break 10,000 miles next week!

Congrats to Michelle Woods and Bob Swizdor, both of whom finished off their tenth course to qualify for their completion medals! Also, Jullien Flynn posted the fastest time on the Black Diamond Trail for women, a 1:08:12 that further cements her lead in Overall Points.

Big thanks to Karen Laface, who was the only person to run an FLRC Challenge course yesterday, keeping our streak of at least one course run every day since launch. I wasn’t anticipating that the height of summer would reduce the number of runs per day. Then again, no one was expecting this month’s nonstop thunderstorms.

This week also brought a bunch more newcomers to the leaderboard. Welcome to Laura Donohue, Annie Fu, William Hartnett, Jami Landry, and Paul Maza! It’s never too late to sign up or record your first time.

Whether or not you’re new to the leaderboard, if you’re looking for someone to run with, check out our new Pace Partners feature. Just click your name anywhere on the leaderboard to see your Athlete page, and then click the Similar Athletes / Pace Partners button for an algorithmically driven list of people who run at roughly similar paces.

Let’s take a look at the age-group leaders for the Cornell Botanic Gardens course, once again dropping out overall leaders Adam Pacheck (12:32) and Jullien Flynn (15:19). Someone needs to break that tie in the M40-49 age group.

Name Category Age Time
Mik Kern M 29 13:28
Gabrielle Woo F 29 15:42
Rich Heffron M 37 14:14
Liz Hartman F 38 16:32
Brian Lazzaro/Columbia Warren M 46/44 15:10
Michelle Woods F 46 18:23
Jean-Luc Jannink M 54 15:34
Caitlin Loehr F 55 17:04
Keith Eggleston M 61 16:45
Ruth Sproul F 69 24:48

Finally, thanks to Sarah Ridenour for this nice photo of the Danby Down & Dirty course’s sign surrounded by daylilies.