Week #23 Recap

It was a bit of a slow week in the FLRC Challenge, although the Most Miles competition continues to evolve. Bob Walters has roared into the lead with 501 miles, with Mickie Sanders-Jauquet in second with 482 miles. New in third place is Karen Ingall with 419 miles, moving past Heather Cobb.

With the in-person Forest Frolic race tomorrow morning (register until 6 PM today and submit your time for the Challenge after running!), I’m hoping to see more people join Wei-Kai Lin, who ran it last weekend to complete his tenth course and qualify for an FLRC Challenge completion medal—congratulations! We have 26 finishers so far, with another 12 waiting in the wings with only one or two more courses to go.

There’s still tons of time left, even for those who are just getting started. A big leaderboard welcome this week to 17-year-old Xander Dawson, who ran a nice 5:50 (65% age grade) on the East Hill Rec Way for his first effort, and 60-year-old Terri Myers, who started on the other end of the spectrum with the Pseudo Skunk Cabbage half marathon course, where she put down an impressive 1:57:53 time (a 70% age grade).

I hope to see lots of @Challengers at Forest Frolic tomorrow morning, where I’ll be timing. If you haven’t yet picked up the FLRC Challenge buff you ordered, I’ll have some with me, so find me before or after the race.

Finally, if you take any photos at the race tomorrow, please share them in our Forest Frolic 2021 album.

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Let’s hear some more personal success stories!

I just ran my fastest mile in 8+ years, and it was all negative splits: 90, 89, 85, 81!

Nice mile! And it looks like you did a bunch of them back to back.

There were some good times at Frolic today, and @crosby.woods knocked over 7 minutes off his previous course-leading time with a 1:07:35 (good for second overall, by just 1 second).

@Dave_K and @aaronking32 finished close together too, with Dave 1.5 seconds ahead in 1:15:30, which should put him into second place on the Frolic course.

@Margaret_Frank took almost 5 minutes off her previous first-place time in 1:18:09 and @lizhartman dropped her time by almost 7 minutes in 1:25:49.