Week #30 Recap

Apologies for the late recap—I was traveling all day. While I was away, however, you all propelled us to a milestone today: exactly 3000 total runs in the FLRC Challenge. Congrats to everyone who has contributed! We’ll pass 14,000 miles next week too.

Two of those 3000 runs came from Makoto Endo, who ran Danby Down & Dirty to complete all ten courses, and Liz Kluz, who hiked Forest Frolic to finish up after taking July and August off. Given how Liz was tearing up the Challenge courses in May and June, I hope she wasn’t sidelined by an injury. Kudos to both of them for sticking with it and completing the Challenge.

A third one came from Verity Platt, who signed up recently and logged her first effort this week on the Waterfront Trail—welcome to the Challenge, Verity!

That’s it for this week, but I’m hoping to see more Challenge completions next week from all the people queued up with just one or two more courses to run.