Week #5 Recap

Welcome to Week #5 of the FLRC Challenge! Remember how we had just cracked 1000 miles in last week’s update? Well, the collective efforts of the 73 active runners in the Challenge bumped us up to over 1700 miles this week. How long before we exceed 1000 miles per week?

The total number of registrants is up to 121, so keep recruiting your friends! Some teams could use more legs—here’s the current team breakdown to compare against the team standings:

This week’s crazy run award goes to Gabrielle Woo, who knocked off the 13.1-mile Pseudo Skunk course and followed it up with a 6.7-mile South Hill Rec Way, for about 20 miles, moving her into second place for Most Miles ahead of Heather Cobb. I haven’t noticed other people doing multiple courses in a day, though the Cornell Botanic Gardens and East Hill Rec Way lend themselves to such a double. Who will be the first to string together three courses in one day?

The fastest run of the week goes to Adam Pacheck, who laid down a blistering 57:38 on the Black Diamond Trail to rocket nearly 4 minutes past Rich Heffron into first on that course. For the women, Jilene Demont debuted on the leaderboard with a first-place spot on the Black Diamond Trail thanks to her 1:15:47, just 8 seconds faster than Gabrielle Woo.

Other folks to welcome to the leaderboard this week include Amy Dawson, Ana Riley, Benjamin Madgett, Eric Sambolec, Holly Folsom, Josh Brockner, Melanie Smee, Molly Doruska, Nichole Cappadora, and Timothy Lott. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone’s first run or notable effort, and please post if you have a particularly good or amusing run.

For those who have registered but haven’t yet gotten around to running a course, Saturday should be a great day to give it a try. All you need is the free Webscorer app, and you can watch my video tutorial to see how easy it is.

Let’s see how many miles the group cranks out this coming week—have some great runs!

Did a 7:37 or 7:41 mile out on the path by game farm rd. Lonesome dove running

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Great to see you out there, Joe! I ran into Joel Leff (@leffmath) randomly today and encouraged him to join you and @debbliss on the @Splendid-70s team. He’s doing real miles and would be a major asset to your team.

Let me know if you need any help figuring out how to submit your time using the Webscorer app on your iPad. The instructions to try first are here: