Week #7 of 19 2024 Recap

The rain kept people off the trails and roads of the FLRC Challenge today, but we still had a pretty good week. We broke the 1,000-run barrier and came close to 5,000 miles overall. At this rate, we should beat 2023’s total mileage of 12,623 and could approach 2022’s 14,959 miles.

Surprisingly, no one crossed the finish line this week, but the floodgates might open soon since we have seven people with only one course and seven more with only two. Even without more completions, there was some significant motion at the top of the leaderboard, with Nora McIver-Sheridan moving into first place for Most Points with a perfect 900 and Caitlin Loehr moving into second with 742 points, dropping Rebecca Lambert into third. On the men’s side, Roger Moseley has taken the lead from Patrick Milano despite still having one more course to run, but that competition may heat up throughout the summer.

Kudos to Julie Barclay and past Challenge runner Gabby Woo for completing the FLRC Tough Trail Challenge this week. They ran all the trail courses, including a slightly modified FH Fox course designed to avoid the rabid coyote that has otherwise closed that course. They finished in 6:21:08n running time and 8:40:42 elapsed time, well under the 12-hour cutoff.

There were a few great photos this week. Julie and Gabby look super happy to finish Duck Trails at the end of their Ultra Challenge.

Kim Jackson, Tammy Walsky, Cecelia Madsen, and Jenna Rice ran with Amalia Skilton (center) on her quick trip back from Scotland—it’s great to see people making friends like this in FLRC.

Gerald McKinley did a great job modeling this year’s FLRC Challenge shirt. Pick yours up at a group run or contact me to arrange a pickup. We have a few more if you want one. And you know you do.

Speaking of group runs, join us on Sunday for Valley Views! If it’s not too wet, we’ll get second breakfast at Brookton’s Market afterward. Next Tuesday, if you run the Twilight 5K, you can submit it as a Lakefront Loops effort.

Until next week, keep covering the ground!

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