Week #9 Recap

The FLRC Challenge has arrived! What better evidence could there be that someone thought our Cornell Botanic Gardens course sign was so cool that they felt compelled to steal it. We’ll see if my enhanced security system keeps this one safe.

FLRC Challenge completions just keep rolling in. Congrats to Bob Walters and Pete Kresock for finishing all 10 courses this week, with Liz Hartman (9), Karen Ingall (9), and Matthew Clark (8) within striking distance.

New to the leaderboard this week are Adam Berkowitz, Alon Keinan, Chelsea Benson, and Peter Frazier. Adam and Chelsea chose the East Hill Rec Way downhill mile for their first runs, making their mark with fabulous debuts. Adam ran a 4:53 that puts him in second place behind Rich Heffron, while Chelsea’s 5:07 catapulted her into the lead over Jullien Flynn.

For those who have ordered FLRC Challenge buffs, you can pick them up at the running store at any time, or if you’re out and about in Ellis Hollow, swing by my house at 50 Hickory Road—just text me at 607-275-9557 to make sure I’m around. Similarly, if you want to try on the shirts for size, I have samples here.

We now have a standalone site for ordering FLRC gear, currently focusing on the FLRC Challenge swag. If you want another buff, or if you didn’t order during registration but now want a buff or a shirt, place your order at the FLRC online store.

Finally, this week’s snow may have slowed a few people down, but it didn’t faze Gabrielle Woo and Liz Hartman, who logged what everyone but Gabby’s dog Sam is hoping is the last blizzard run for the season.

A little late for the weekly recap, but this morning we broke both 1000 total runs and 4000 total miles: Statistics — FLRC Challenge

We were so close yesterday—great to see the weekend long runs push us past those milestones!

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