What's happening today on the East Hill Rec Way?

Yeah, I hadn’t heard anything either, but it looks like @kag22 and @mickiejauquet have run it 11 times together, perhaps with @gplwoo joining for a few in the middle.


@kag22 dragged us out there to see the stars at 4:30 am today and I nearly froze but it was totally worth it - I’ll let her tell the story in full!

11 mile repeats on 11/11/21, total mileage covered was 21 miles. We intended to do 11 minute but it was chilly out and we were moving to keep warm. We also hoped for 11 people, although did have 3 others join us for bits besides Gaby.
Fun Fun Fun

Ah, the wonderful numeracy of 11/11! 14 years ago, in 2007, we had an 11/11 run (at 11 AM, as I remember) and took photos on our deck afterward. Click through to this picture in the club photo library and arrow to the right six times to see the rest that I uploaded from that day.

From left, me, Boris Dzikovski, John Hylas, a very young @tristanengst, Tim Ingall, @kag22, @thomas-meyer, Jose Andres, Michael Wunsch, and @Bruce.