CANCELLED: MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, 3/14

Cornell has just announced that the entire university is closing at 3 AM on Tuesday with plans to reopen on Wednesday morning. As such, I’m canceling the MITHACAL MILERS track workout for this week. Sorry!

If you want to get a workout in later in the week, I recommend 6 by 3 minutes at T pace, with 3 minutes of jogging between each rep. Make sure to warm up for at least 10 minutes, preferably more, and cool down for a similar amount of time.

Or just go skiing! :ski:

See you next on March 21st!

Thanks for the early notice, Adam! That totally makes sense with the university being closed. The storm sure hasn’t seemed to have delivered the total accumulated that many forecasters anticipated! At least not here in South Hill.

Yeah, it was real winter weather, but not exactly a snowpocalypse. Ah well, next week!