Course preview for TC3 race on October 15 at 9AM

@pgxc-flrc @pgxc-high-noon A group of us will be meeting at Tompkins Cortland Community College (TC3) a week before the race (PGXC #3) to preview the course and consider topography and strategy. Google pin to TC3. We’ll gather at 9:00 AM and begin running at 9:15.

TC3 would like us to park in a parking lot, so park in the “PGXC Parking” lot shown on the map below (download the map) and plan to meet near the yellow MILE 3 label. We’ll run down to the start together.

The course is not expected to be marked on Sunday, so you may wish to bring a copy of the map.

I’m not organizing a carpool, but if you can provide a ride or would like a ride, please post in this thread on the Forum and coordinate amongst yourselves.

Also, if you have any friends or family who would like to do course marshalling on race day (October 22), please have them read more about it here or they can just go ahead and sign up in Helper Helper.

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Sunday long run anyone? Sunday is long run day for me so I am going to do a 10-mile run starting from the TC3 meeting point at 7:00am. At my usual long run pace of 10-10:30 that will get me back by 9:00am to do the course pre-view. Happy to have company!
My planned route includes a stretch on the Dryden Lake trail (it’s about 3-miles to get there if you go the back way, not on Rt 13) so if you want shorter you can turn around sooner.
Let me know if you are interested in joining me.

Despite the chilly drizzle, a dozen or so of us gathered to preview the TC3 race course. After a successful run, most of us were warm enough to snack on bagels and cider before calling it a wrap.

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