XC Course Preview on Sunday 10/15 at 9 AM for TC3 race

The FLRC/High Noon home meet this fall will be at the Tompkins Cortland Community College (aka TC3), in Dryden, on Sunday, October 22. To get ready, we’ll be doing a course run-through on Sunday, October 15 at 9:00 AM. You can read details about the run-through here.

All are welcome at this 6K run-through, which will feature a long hill and many twists and turns on a mostly grassy surface.

For those who are not already signed up for the race, if you’d like to sign up and run on the FLRC/High Noon team, read this page for sign-up steps. Signing up is easy, and it is different than signing up for a typical race because your team captains (me for FLRC and @adamengst for High Noon) want to put you in an optimal place on the team roster. If you are interested, let’s get you signed up this weekend! @pgxc-flrc @pgxc-high-noon


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There is a new, slightly revised, map of the TC3 course just posted on the PGXC registration site:

The revision is minor. At the start, instead of running toward the nearest corner we’ll run diagonally across the large field. The change adds about 20 meters before the first turn. The new start line is already marked. The rest of the course is the same as last year. It won’t be mowed and flagged before the group run on Sunday, however.

Thanks to Tonya for organizing this group run!

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