Final FLRC Challenge group run and socializing Sunday 8/14 at 8:30 AM at Beebe Lake

Let’s close the 2022 FLRC Challenge out the way we started it, @Challengers, with a group run on the Beebe Lake course on Sunday morning. Meet at the start/finish sign at 8:30 AM (run at 8:45) for one last effort on this course. Afterward, we’ll drive a short distance up the hill to Caitlin and Jamie Loehr’s house at 25 Fairway Drive to hang out on their deck. I’m making rhubarb bread, and if you want to bring any other food to share, feel free, but it’s not required.

Everyone is welcome to do one or both of this weekend’s group runs—they’re meant mostly as a chance to get together one last time before we move into cross-country season. And of course, you can go run more courses later in the day if you need some more completions!

Let’s be inclusive and fight climate change by carpooling. Vote if you need a ride or can give one, and post a reply with pickup possibilities.
  • I need a ride
  • I can give a ride

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Please register in the poll below using your flat road pace so others can see that they’ll have pace partners.

  • Sub-8:00-minute pace
  • 8:00-9:00-minute pace
  • 9:00-10:00-minute pace
  • 10:00-11:00-minute pace
  • 11:00-12:00-minute pace
  • 12:00-13:00-minute pace
  • 13:00-14:00-minute pace
  • Hiking

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Everyone is welcome, and I hope to see you Sunday!

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Anyone planning to go to the Sunday group run who could pick me up in downtown Ithaca?

Anyone up for giving Jesse a ride?

Also, just a reminder, @Challengers, that you’re welcome to come to just the post-run socializing if you are either beat up from Saturday’s run like @tonya or injured like me or have another course you want to run later in the day.

Meet at Caitlin and Jamie Loehr’s house at 25 Fairway Drive around 9:45 to 10 AM.

@jtk1 we can give you a ride! Text me your address to 607-279-7173 and we’ll pick you up around 8:20a.

Thanks, Scott. Texted you my address and I will be ready to go at 7:20.


A bigger group run today, with 11 actual runners while @tonya did yoga to recover from Lick Brook yesterday and I ran only my prescribed mile. @scottpdawson and @jtk1 ran PRs again, and @caitlin-loehr and @Bwalters both ran to maintain their tie for first place in Most Runs for the course. It was also great having @Tristan_Lambert, @Dave_K, @MDot, @Jmckain85, @amy-dawson, and new-to-the-group Kristy joining.

Afterward, we decamped for the Loehr’s back deck where @lizhartman joined us and we completely forgot to take photos while enjoying watermelon and bagels and rhubarb bread and pound cake and canapes and more.

That was super fun! Many thanks to the Loehr’s for hosting us afterwards!