FLRC and MITHACAL MILERS workouts for the week of September 14th

I’m going to repurpose Workout #1 for middle-distance runners as the Tuesday night workout for the MITHACAL MILERS training group. Our first session is tomorrow night at 6 PM—see the announcement for more details, the signup link, and the safety precautions.

Middle Distance Workouts (5K to 15K)

  • MITHACAL MILERS: For our initial workout, we’re going to keep it simple. 1 minute at I pace (about 5K race pace) followed by 1 minute at E pace (normal easy running pace, but faster than a recovery jog slog). Do up to 20 repetitions, depending on your weekly mileage and how you feel. We’ll talk more about how to evaluate this at the workout.

  • Workout 2: After your warmup, run 15 minutes at M pace, then 10 minutes at T pace, 5 minutes at I pace, and 2 minutes at R pace. In between each pickup, jog for 4 minutes.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace

Long Distance Workouts (Half Marathon to Marathon)

  • Workout 1: 20 minutes at M pace, 20 minutes at T pace, then 20 minutes more of M pace. 3 minutes of E-pace rest between each change of pace. Don’t forget the minimum of 10 minutes at E pace for a warmup and cooldown.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace


Hi Adam,

That is exciting that the Mythical Miler workouts will be starting up again. Although I am a morning runner I would like to give these a try again now that I don’t have another commitment on Tuesday evenings. However, I may have to miss the first workout tomorrow as I did travel to Boston over Labor Day weekend to move Kieran into his new apartment. Massachusetts isn’t on New York State’s no travel list but I am assuming you would still prefer I not show up to practice tomorrow. Let me know if travel to low viral load states is exempt.

Thanks for doing this and I hope you and Tonya have been well,


We’d love to have you, @caitlin-loehr (and you’ll be good pace company for @julie19), but yeah, why don’t you pass on tonight and join us next week.

When we were discussing the safety precautions, we decided that it was simplest to set the boundary at leaving the state, rather than having to have individual questions about which states were currently on the quarantine list and when they might have gone on or come off that list. Happily, around the time we were having those discussions, all of New York State achieved Phase 4 reopening, so we didn’t have to think about asking if people had traveled within the state to areas that weren’t as far along as we were.

Thanks, Adam. Will do.

Thanks for a great workout tonight @adamengst! I liked the format and the location. I got in 12 repeats, which felt about right considering that my mileage has been pretty low and I’m still coming back from an injury. See you next Tuesday.

The first workout of the @mithacal-milers was a success—thanks to the 11 folks who turned out.

First off, please let me know, either here or privately, if there was anything you were uncomfortable with from a safety standpoint.

I thought the farm roads around the fields provided plenty of room for people to run near one another without feeling too close, though I didn’t anticipate the group as a whole spreading out quite so much (like disappearing off into the distance). For future workouts, I’ll try to figure out ways of keeping the group a bit more together.

If you have any questions about the workout, feel free to ask here—I realize it can be a little tough to have a conversation during the workout itself.

We do have permission to run in the Arboretum if we can split the group into chunks of less than 10, so we may try that for some hill work in a few weeks. The fields from last night are great, but their few hills are short and have rough footing.

See you next week!