FLRC and MITHACAL MILERS workouts for the week of September 28th

As much as we had the most glorious fall weather over the last few days, it looks like we’re finally going to get some much-needed rain on Tuesday. So the MITHACAL MILERS workout that night will be in the bowl of the Cornell Arboretum (see the map below) so we can run on pavement rather than wet and muddy fields. Remember, the workouts are free and open to all FLRC members, but you must register.

Middle Distance Workouts (5K to 15K)

  • MITHACAL MILERS: Because of the high likelihood of rain and wet ground, I’m postponing the ridiculous relay that I floated last week. Instead, we’re going run hills. The bowl of the Arboretum has five roads or trails leading up the hill, so what we’ll do is run all out up each hill (focusing on good form with the back straight), continue hard on the flat at the top for at least 10 strides, and then turn and jog back down on the grass next to the path (to avoid slower runners and lessen the impact). Then you’ll immediately move on to the next path and repeat for at least one pass through all the hills—those looking for a harder workout can reverse back through them again. When you finish the last hill, go immediately into a 10 minutes of jogging without stopping before returning to the warmup area.

  • Workout 2: 3 miles at T pace, with an I-pace twist. After you’ve run 3 minutes at T pace, speed up to I pace for the next 1 minute, before dropping back to T pace. Repeat until you’re done with the full 3 miles. Don’t start too fast!

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace

Long Distance Workouts (Half Marathon to Marathon)

  • Workout 1: Hills for everyone! Look for a long uphill that takes you at least 5–10 minutes to reach the top. It shouldn’t be super steep because you’re going to need to run down it as well, and steep downhill running requires practice when you’re fresh. Do as many reps as necessary to hit 50 minutes of uphill running. You’re aiming for M pace effort, which will obviously be a lot slower than M pace on the flat. Start out at what feels like your long run pace and then gradually pick up the pace until it’s uncomfortable but doable until you hit the top.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace


@mithacal-milers, just a reminder that we’re meeting in a new location tonight—the bowl of the Cornell Arboretum where we met last year—so we can stay mostly on pavement for better footing. It will probably be raining, but we won’t melt. I suspect the rain will also cut down on the number of other people there, which is good, but regardless, we want to give everyone a wide berth when passing.

Hi Adam,

Do we need to register for each week separately, or is registering once good for the season?

I can’t make tonight as there is an IHS info zoom at 6pm, absolutely nothing to do with the weather :-).

Have fun,


No, sorry for any confusion. Once is fine for the entire season. That’s why I take attendance at every session from the overall roster.

I can’t make tonight as there is an IHS info zoom at 6pm, absolutely nothing to do with the weather :-).

A likely story, and we’ll see what happens next time the weather is wet. :slight_smile:

I’m actually kind of looking forward to running in the rain. It has been so long!

I hope you all had fun in the rain! I skipped the official hill workout and ran the Danby down and and dirty virtual 20k today in the morning drizzle - that should count for 50 mins of hills… right? :stuck_out_tongue: @Petorius thank you for getting out there to mark the course! To no one’s surprise there are only a few visible arrows remaining after all the rain today, but still enough to prevent a few wrong turns!

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Thanks for running! You’ve won bragging rights for most vertical ascent in that race :grinning:

Ha! just what I always wanted! (:

The @mithacal-milers workout in the Arboretum went well, with six hardy souls braving the damp to do five heart-pounding hill repeats. We also dabbled in car repair at the start, trying to fix a broken rear hatch hydraulic arm on @gumbywhale’s Forrester, and played real-world Frogger by helping numerous amphibians cross the road during our cooldown. A fine time was had by all, and we may do more workouts in the Arboretum if it’s wet or we need hills. There were only a couple of walkers and a few cars the entire evening, so there was no worry about interaction.

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