FLRC Summer Speed workout Tuesday 6/13 at 6:30 PM at Stewart Park

Let’s try this again! The AQI should be decent for Tuesday, but if things change, watch this space…

We’re returning to Stewart Park this week at our usual place by the bocce pits near the large pavilion—see the map below. We recommend parking on the side of the road directly across the field, but anywhere else you want is fine too.

For this week’s workout, I’m going to try something new. We’ll be running 4-5 reps of an 800m loop around the fields and paths at Stewart Park—see the map below—with everyone aiming for a range from I pace to T pace. Here’s the trick. For the first rep, we’ll all start together and I’ll record times. Then, for the second rep, we’ll do a staggered start, from slow to fast, thus forcing the faster people to run in pursuit of the slower people. If the offsets work out properly, everyone should come in at roughly the same time. For instance, if Tonya Engst runs a 4:30 800m and Patrick Milano a 3:00 800m on the first one, Tonya gets a 90-second head start on the subsequent ones. And I may adjust the offsets as people get tired or to account for someone sandbagging early on. :slight_smile:

Recoveries will be 3 minutes of jogging around the field. The faster people will get more rest, but I’m also expecting them to be incapable of not pushing the pace faster because of starting so far behind.

See you Tuesday!


That was a fun one @adamengst ! And I like the way it kept up us together as a group.

It was fun! For those who weren’t there, we did a sort of time trial 800m loop for the first one, and then I assigned offset starts to everyone based on their finishing times. For the subsequent reps, Tonya got to be the leader, with Makoto next and everyone else filling after as their times came up. With the added incentive of the lead, Tonya managed to cross the line first for the next three with Kaleb hot on her heels and Cecilia a close third nearly every time. For the last rep, Patrick put the pedal down and managed to move from his near-last start to the lead by the end of the 800m.

We will definitely be doing this workout again, and I have to ponder variants for keeping the group together at the finish.