FLRC Summer Speed workout Tuesday 7/18 at 6:30 PM at Stewart Park

I’m testing another paired workout this week, sort of like the Ridiculous Relays, but with I-pace running rather than R-pace speed. After 10 minutes of warmup jogging, everyone will regroup at the entrance to the Bird Sanctuary. I’ll create fast/slow pairs of runners as I do with the Ridiculous Relays, but then things diverge.

The faster half of the group will take off counter-clockwise, and the slower group will take off clockwise. When each pair of runners meet, the slower person will turn around and jog at a recovery pace back to the start, and the faster person will continue straight. The pair can jog together or regroup at the start if their recovery paces aren’t compatible.

Once both people return, they’ll start again in their original directions. We should aim for 6–8 reps total, though we’ll play that by ear a little with the weather, which could be warm or wet.

Speaking of environmental conditions, I’ll post a cancellation note here on the forum by 3 PM if the air quality will be over 150 at workout time. I believe it will pass by then, but it’s hard to predict. Dangerous thunderstorms are harder to predict, so that may be a last-minute call when we get there. But if it seems likely that lightning will be all around us, I’ll cancel in a post here.


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