FLRC Summer Speed workout Tuesday 8/8 at 6:30 PM at Stewart Park

For this week’s workout, we’re going to reprise the extremely popular chase workout that I’m now calling “Come Together” (so we have another theme song) given the goal of getting everyone to finish at the same time. We’ll be running 5 or 6 reps of an 800m loop around the fields and paths at Stewart Park—see the map below—with everyone aiming for I pace. For the first rep, we’ll all start together and I’ll record times. Then, for the second rep, we’ll do a staggered start from slow to fast, forcing the faster people to run in pursuit of the slower people. If the offsets work out properly, everyone should come in together at roughly the same time. For instance, if Tonya runs a 4:30 800m and Patrick a 3:00 800m on the first one, Tonya gets a 90-second head start over Patrick on the subsequent ones, with others slotting in somewhere in between. I may adjust the offsets as people get tired or to account for someone sandbagging early on. :slight_smile:

Recoveries will be 3 minutes of walking or jogging around the field. The faster people will get more rest, but I’m also expecting them to be incapable of not pushing the pace faster because of starting so far behind.

Don’t miss this one—it was huge fun last time. We’ll run even if it’s raining, though I’ll cancel if there are unsafe conditions or lightning when we arrive.

For anyone who’s new, we meet at the bocce pits by the large pavilion at Stewart Park at 6:15, with the warmup exercises starting at 6:30, and all are welcome, though you must sign the waiver once for 2023 and if you’re coming regularly, be an FLRC member .


I’ve used that loop many times !

Great minds. :slight_smile:

@Ian, if you want to send some of the high schoolers over, they might have some fun chasing their elders.

In the interest of avoiding slippery grass, I’m changing the loop slightly to this alternate 800m:

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