FLRC Tough Trail Challenge completions for 2024

@Challengers I’m pleased to note that we have not one, but two finishers so far in the inaugural year of the FLRC Tough Trail Challenge.

Unsurprisingly, since he helped put the thought into our heads, Dennis Stadelman
completed a Tough Trail Challenge on April 21, when he was thinking about going for a 100K Ultra Challenge but realized he had to be functional the next day. Nevertheless, he came down to Ithaca and ran all five trail courses.

Now, talk about dedication to one’s craft. After he completed the work on the leaderboard, Steve Desmond decided he needed more test data, so he went out in the heat on Tuesday and completed the Tough Trail Challenge as well, starting with Duck Trails and Hammond Hill Hoctathon, putting FH Fox in the middle, and finishing with Lindsay-Parsons and Treman Trailipop (so he could enjoy the stream at the end).

Impressive running, you two! Who will be next? And which of the folks who claim they prefer roads to trails is going to be the first on the Tough Tarmac leaderboard?


I am looking forward to this part of the challenge

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@Challengers Congratulations to Julie Barclay, who completed the FLRC Tough Trail Challenge today with special guest Gabby Woo (@gplwoo) visiting from out of town (Gabby was third overall in Most Points in 2021). I gave them special permission to tweak the FH Fox course to avoid the coyote-infested areas and add more mileage at the end to compensate.

Although Julie and Gabby took a lot less total time than Steve Desmond, he remains in the lead for fastest running time.


Looks like that might actually be a WebScorer submission bug (or manual submission) for Hammond Hill, since it overlaps with Treman and makes the total time less than the running time. My guess is Hammond Hill was their first course of the day? Might be worth removing the “Total Time” column if it’s not reliable…

Oops! @julie19 said that Webscorer failed and she had to add it manually but I was assuming it was still in the correct order. Julie, what time did you start at Hammond Hill? I can adjust the start time of results (though not the day).

5:58 am!

Ah! That does change things. I’ve updated the Webscorer start time, and now the Ultra Challenges page shows the correct information.

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Thanks Adam!

@adamengst Is it possible to publish a revised FH fox we can all do please? We don’t know how long this block will be in place.

@julie19 well done!

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