FLRC workouts for the week of April 20th

I’m hearing from more and more people who are doing these workouts each week, and it’s great to hear that they’re providing some useful structure in a time when it’s tough for everyone to train. Keep those questions and comments coming!

Middle Distance Workouts (5K to 15K)

We have some harder workouts this week, and next week we’ll pull back a little (he says out loud so he remembers to do that next week).

  • Workout 1: 5-10 sets of 2 minutes at I pace, followed by 1-minute jogging recoveries. The range of reps here is pretty wide, depending on your mileage, fitness level, and how you’re feeling. I expect this simple-sounding workout will turn out to be pretty difficult, since there’s so little rest, so monitor your body toward the end, and make sure you don’t overdo it. There’s no shame in cutting a workout short to stay healthy to run another day.

  • Workout 2: 4-5 by 1 mile at M pace (marathon race pace, or a bit slower than T pace), with a 3-minute jogging rest after each repetition. When you’re done with the M-pace work and rested, do 6 by 30-second strides (30 seconds at R pace, followed by 30 seconds of jogging). Focus on maintaining good running form while doing the strides.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace

Long Distance Workouts (Half Marathon to Marathon)

Make sure you’re fresh for your long run, whenever that is in the week!

  • Workout 1: 20 minutes steady at M pace effort, 3 minutes jogging, 10 minutes at T pace effort, 3 minutes jogging, 5 minutes at I pace effort, 3 minutes jogging, and finally 2 minutes at R pace effort before you go into an easy cooldown. I’m specifying effort intentionally here, since as you tire out, you may not be able to hit your exact paces (especially if the terrain or wind works against you), and what’s important is that the effort be appropriate. The goal of this workout is to increase effort throughout the workout, culminating in a kick to the finish. The 3-minute recoveries can be lengthened if you don’t feel recovered enough to start the next rep after 3 minutes.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace


Masks are still a problem

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It’s impossible to do a good workout or even a normal run with a mask. So I go out on almost-deserted trails, and the streets and roads are pretty empty now also. When I do encounter another runner/walker, we stop running (so no panting, no spewing breath), move to opposite sites of the trail, pass each other and then go on our separate ways. I notice everyone has figured this same thing out. Yesterday I did 50 min in upper Buttermilk and had to step aside this way about four times, the other times the groups were very far from me already. People are naturally spreading out as much as possible.

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This week’s marathon workout was a challenging mental game but fun! I found the 10 min T pace section the most challenging and probably saved a little too much energy for the last 2 min kick which felt too short, probably because I’d psyched myself up so much for it. Thanks Adam for posting these workouts, it helps add variety and structure to all these solo runs.


I was hoping this one would engage your brain in ways that 40 minutes at a single pace won’t. If we do something like this again, pay attention to which pace feels the hardest and which you’ve psyched yourself up to and see how you handle it differently.

Workouts like this are designed in part to keep you focused, which is important when racing. That lets you respond to what others are doing, roll with the terrain, and deal with the unexpected. Like this:

More on Vanderlei de Lima

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Looks like a human version of my dog bowling me over in hot pursuit of a squirrel!

You’re going to be all set in case a crazy Irish priest tries to tackle you while you’re in the lead at the Olympic marathon. :slight_smile:

I agree–I loved the distance workout (20 min, 10 min, 5 min, 2 min at faster and faster paces) I nailed the 20 minute segment, which gave me confidence for the rest even as I got more tired. My 10 minute T pace section was my strongest.

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AND by the way, it was snowing pretty hard. So now I know I can hit my paces in the snow in late April :slight_smile: