FLRC workouts for the week of August 17th

Be careful about the heat! Middle distance runners get some progressions runs this week, whereas the long-distance people change pace back and forth during a hour-plus run.

Middle Distance Workouts (5K to 15K)

  • Workout 1: We did this a month or so ago, so check your logs after and see if it seems easier than before. 3-5 sets of this combination: Start with 2 minutes at T pace (roughly 10K race pace), then go right into 1 minute of I pace (roughly 5K race pace), followed by 30 seconds of R pace (roughly 1-mile race pace). Rest for 4 minutes, and then repeat.

  • Workout 2: After your warmup, run 15 minutes at M pace, then 10 minutes at T pace, 5 minutes at I pace, and 2 minutes at R pace. In between each pickup, jog for 4 minutes.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace

Long Distance Workouts (Half Marathon to Marathon)

  • Workout 1: 20 minutes at M pace, 20 minutes at T pace, then 20 minutes more of M pace. 3 minutes of E-pace rest between each change of pace. Don’t forget the minimum of 10 minutes at E pace for a warmup and cooldown.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace