FLRC workouts for the week of January 4th, 2021

Happy New Year, runners! I wish we had Barton Hall’s indoor track for workouts this winter, but we’ll just have to enjoy the brisk outdoor conditions.

One note: Even though they don’t change, I leave the long runs in each week because they’re absolutely essential to your conditioning. If you have to choose between a workout and a long run for scheduling reasons, go for the long run.

Middle Distance Workouts (5K to 15K)

  • Workout: After last week’s speed, we’re going to focus this week’s effort on a tempo run. Try to finish your warmup somewhere where you can get a good 3 miles of T-pace running in while staying fairly flat. Hills are for another day; the goal of this workout is to settle into a consistent rhythm and hold it for a full 3 miles.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace

Long Distance Workouts (Half Marathon to Marathon)

  • Workout: Sticking with the concept of consistent pacing for this week, marathoners can aim for 45 minutes at M pace, again on a relatively flat course. Stay focused on your form and try to keep the pace the same throughout.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace