FLRC workouts for the week of July 13th

More summer running this week, so find some shady trails or roads if you can’t get out in the morning or after the sun has gone down. Hydrate well afterward!

Remember, if you’re just coming into these workouts, check out the resources at the bottom for an explanation of paces and more information. And feel free to ask any questions!

Middle Distance Workouts (5K to 15K)

Time for some more progression runs, one for speed and the other for endurance.

  • Workout 1: 3-5 sets of this combination: Start with 2 minutes at T pace (roughly 10K race pace), then go right into 1 minute of I pace (roughly 5K race pace), followed by 30 seconds of R pace (roughly 1-mile race pace). Rest for 4 minutes, and then repeat. In essence, this is 3.5 minutes of progression speed.

  • Workout 2: After your warmup, start with 15 minutes at M pace, then 10 minutes at T pace, 5 minutes at I pace, and 2 minutes at R pace. In between each pickup, jog for 5 minutes.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace

Long Distance Workouts (Half Marathon to Marathon)

We’ve worked our way up to 60 minutes of pace work, and while this should be hard, it should feel completely doable.

  • Workout 1: 20 minutes at M pace, 20 minutes at T pace, then 20 minutes more of M pace. 5 minutes of E-pace rest between each change of pace. Don’t forget the minimum of 10 minutes at E pace for a warmup and cooldown.

  • Long Run: 25-30% of your weekly mileage at E pace


Now that Garmin is back and I can sync…
A mess of a workout. First of all, got the segments wrong - it was supposed to M-T-M but I programmed in T-M-T. Then the run itself was anything but smooth. Struggled to get up to T pace during those segments - hitting HR max a couple of times in the process - but going way too fast during M pace segment. Crowning achievement: finishing 2nd “T” segment and discovering I had cut 2 minutes out of one of the earlier segments (later saw it was first “T”). So had bonus 100 secs to try run T pace…sigh


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