Forge the Gorge Group Run in Moravia After Fillmore 5K

If you’re looking for more miles after participating in the Fillmore 5K this Saturday (still time to register!), or you just want a rad group of people to run some trails with, join Forge the Gorge race director Alan Lockett for a preview run of the course at 10:30 AM.

Meet at the main pavilion inside Fillmore Glen State Park. There is a park entrance fee, but entry is free if you have an Empire Pass, or park across the street at the gas station and walk over.

Once you’re done with the group run and still have a runner’s high, be sure register for the race happening on Thursday, August 10 at 6:00 PM.

:camera: Jamie Love Photography, from 2022’s Forge the Gorgeous race.

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(Jamie Love Photography, from 2022’s Forge the Gorge race :wink:)

Thanks Kuwanna, but last year it was called Forge the Gorgeous. The rename is taking place for this year’s event! :slight_smile:

Yes it was. The post read as though you had typed the text that way, then added the link for the photo album. But if the link text automatically defaulted to the old name, then of course that can’t be avoided.

edit: @heathercobb3 Apologies - I re-read your response and it all makes sense now.

Update: The run will be starting at 10:30 AM.