Free USATF running clinic with Scott Weeks on Saturday, August 20th at Groton High School

Anyone who’s interested in the science of competitive running—training, warming up, racing, recovery, etc—should check out this USATF-sponsored running clinic given by Scott Weeks, who trained under the renowned coach Jack Daniels and has a 30+–year career racing at the national and international level, along with nearly that many years of coaching the Groton High School teams. Scott knows what he’s talking about.

It will take place at Groton High School with registration from 9:30 to 10, and the clinic going from 10 to noon, or longer as necessary for questions and conversation. No running is involved. I’m hoping to go if it fits into my schedule next weekend.

The clinic is nominally focused on student-athletes and coaches, but Scott tells me that it’s open to all and will be useful for anyone interested in competitive running. The clinic is free if you sign up by Wednesday (just email Scott your information); late registration is just $10 and supports the Groton cross-country team. Please share the information if you know anyone else who might be interested.

Details here: 2022 registration form.pdf (86.2 KB)

Just to say that if this comes through again, I’d encourage anyone who’s interested in racing to attend. It was chock-full of great information, and as a bonus, Jack Daniels himself came to supplement what Scott was saying and tell stories about his research (including working with famous runners like Joan Benoit-Samuelson, Magdalena Lewy-Boulet, and Ron Clarke) and his competitions in the Olympics in the modern pentathlon.


Would have loved to been able to attend this, but we were out of state that week. Hopefully there will be a next time, although probably unlikely to get another cameo from JD.

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