Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Week 5 begins Monday, 12/18


OK, split my photos between Ithaca and the UK this week, as I’m back in the motherland for Christmas…

Traffic light on Warren Road:

Footprints (sheep and bird) in the mud on the lane between my parents’ home village and the next village north:

Saw plenty of deer from the train on our journey, but none when out walking or running, so this decoration will have to do (and handily doubles as a sculpture…?)

And a rather worse-for-wear British flag:

Bonus pic of lovely stormy Yorkshire skies:

Wishing you all very happy holidays from this side of the pond!


There were 14 participants in week five, and 13 of you found all five items! You are listed below, but this week’s race director’s choice is @HopeT for her footprints in fresh snow.


The above participants, plus Hope, will have their names entered into the drawing at the end of the event. Your name can be entered more than once, so check out our final week, week six, and keep posting!

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me.