Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Week 6 begins Monday, 12/25

The second to last week of FLRC’s Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt has been so much fun! Be sure you post your items by the end of the day–winners will be announced on Monday in the week five thread.

I can’t believe are already at our final week, which begins tomorrow. From Monday to Sunday (12/25–12/31), find as many of these items as you can while out on your walk, run, or hike.

  1. Trail sign or marker
  2. Santa hat (Merry Christmas!)
  3. Corn (Happy Kwanzaa!)
  4. Box (Happy Boxing Day!)–what’s the biggest box you can find?
  5. Bell (Happy Ōmisoka!)

Once you find your item, take a selfie or picture and post it on this thread. Remember, for every selfie or picture of one of these items that you post, you get one point. The runner(s) with the most points will be entered into the swag drawing at the end of the event. And, while five might seem to be the high score, I as the omnipotent race director get to award extra points based on particularly creative or artistic photos, or those that get lots of “likes” here on the Forum. Sucking up to the race director doesn’t hurt either. (I like cookies! Specifically chocolate chip and snickerdoodle, for those who have asked…)

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Out running in Shelburne VT. Spotted these BOXES.

Jumped on some TRAILs.

By this little CORN arrangement.

Old school with BELL at Shelburne Museum.

Finally came upon this guy with a SANTA HAT.


Merry Christmas to all! @amy-dawson and I went scavenging after opening gifts, and you would not believe how much CORN is all over Trumansburg. It’s crazy! First we found a can of corn on our friend Tom’s porch, conveniently under his BELL decorations.

Then we happened upon a sculpture wearing a Santa hat, and – yep, clasping a can of corn. No way!

Check out these BOXES of liquor in a shop window. Boxes of margarita mix were also in the window, but the wooden boxes were squarely behind ANOTHER CAN OF CORN.

Lastly, we went to one of the two trailheads in the village, the Habitat Trail. The other is Smith Woods, but we chose this one because – you guessed it – someone told us there was a can of corn sitting on top of it. SO FESTIVE.

So there you have it. This challenge was definitely not CORNY. We’re so happy to have this, @heathercobb3, so thanks for organizing it!


I figured corn would be the hardest to find, luckily up my road is an unharvested field. :corn:

Also this is why I don’t run my road :sweat_smile::scream::crazy_face:

And in case I don’t get another one later in the week :woman_shrugging::rofl: here is my doorBell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And it’s a wrap

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Another double, Santa hat and big bell


Back in Ithaca it took me a couple of runs but I found everything on the list:

My dearly loved Forest Home Walkway I use almost everyday:

I found several adorable Santa Hats. I couldn’t decide which one to post so you will get to see them all:

CORN was a bit of a challenge, there doesn’t seem to be as much of it around Forest Home as there is in Trumansburg @amy-dawson and @scottpdawson , but The Cornell “Crops of the World” garden came through for me:

I copied @sryan004 and found some nicely wrapped BOXES:

And finally some BELLS both on the wreath and decorating the trees:

Happy New Year everyone!


As I had hoped I successfully found the last items on my run on the Catherine valley trail in Montour Falls.

Santa hat plus bonus Santa :rofl:

There is a box there I promise

Enhance! :package::heavy_check_mark:

One of my favorite trails.

I knew there was a a church with a :bell: but it’s kinda difficult to see.

What I really loved about this challenge was that it encouraged us to really examine our surroundings as we run! :revolving_hearts::running_woman:
And on the last leg of my run I ran over this manhole!
And I had to turn around because it took a moment for my :brain: to process it :sweat_smile: …“wait was that a :bell:?!” :rofl:

Can’t argue the bell in this one! :sweat_smile: And this was the only manhole around there with this logo :woman_shrugging: amusing odds of finding a bell in the oddest of places :crazy_face::smiling_face: looking forward to the next challenge :+1::+1:


I thought I’d find a trail sign by the pond in Spencer, but it had been taken down. There was a ton of corn (maybe literally) spilled on a nearby road, though.

…probably by the farmer who had harvested this field
6 corn 2
And by the store were these 2 huge boxes with propane. I should’ve gotten in the picture because they were as tall as me, but you know I’m not good at selfies.
6 boxes
So I did my run later in the week in Ithaca, where I knew there’d be a trail sign

and a cutie in a Santa hat

I was despairing over finding a bell, but then I looked up and saw…

I second the thanks to Heather for organizing this. It was fun!


I can’t go hike or run right now. I just had arthroscopic surgery. So I am limited to hiking in my house.

This is the box my tens unit for PT arrived in today

A bell in the tree and I am wearing a Santa hat

It might be corny but here is corn from my freezer.

And last, a home made “trail sign” I won in a race. It’s a sign that says trail I figured.

I throw myself on your benevolence. I wanted to finish out the scavenger hunt but physically it was not possible to go out and walk around especially w the snow here in Wisconsin. Thanks for all the fun. I enjoy searching for the items and having a quest in the dog days of winter. Happy New Year!


Found at the Apollo Manatee Viewing Center.

The corn was tough to find! Finally found on this painting while walking along the water in Bradenton.

I thought the box would be tough to find as well, and first I found the crab traps, which my mother insisted were boxes, but I wanted something better. It wasn’t long before I started seeing a ton of boxed presents as holiday decorations.

Thank you all for joining in my event! Happy New Year!

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I picked up a nice thin fabric Santa hat at a Christmas 5K a few years ago. So I put it on and threw a bell in my pocket before I went out to run today:

I was starting from and mostly staying in downtown Ithaca so I knew the corn would be tough. On my way to the Waterfront Trail I checked out many dead gardens. No corn. I checked out the banners and photo ads outside of Wegmans. No corn. So I ran on in from Meadow St and just grabbed a picture with the corn for sale!!

Next I went up through Cass Park on the Waterfront Trail, then back on the path that runs past the BDT entrance, where I stopped by the sign:

Not a scavenger item but I crossed back over the inlet on this new bridge that leads from Cherry Street to the path parallel to Floral Ave. The bridge may or may not be open officially (there are barricades nearby but they had been pushed to the side or taken down). Despite that I saw several others cross, nice option for getting to the inlet from Meadow St:

Finally I looked around very carefully for boxes on the way home but there were none to be seen (that wouldn’t have required rummaging through someone else’s trash). But, my porch does boast this lovely Styrofoam cooler courtesy the CSA distributors. A box for boxes:

Lots of fun finding all these things and happy New Year!!


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Tech issues

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Loving the responses this week!

Here is the UK version of a trail marker:

And as chance would have it, my mum randomly left this bag of frozen corn on the parcel box outside her house…

My nephew was my run-buddy this week, and he brought his Santa hat with him:

And I was hoping to get in to the church to take a picture of the bells, but some poorly-timed river-bank-bursting meant that we had to leave the village a day early, so here is the bell tower of the church, and I promise it has real-life bells in it:

HUGE thanks to @heathercobb3 for running this scavenger hunt again - it really livens up the winter runs! Happy New Year all x

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Week six, and the final week of the scavenger hunt had 11 participants, will all of you finding every item on the list. You are listed below. Since everyone found all the items, I decided to make everyone the race director’s pick. Meaning, anyone who participated in the hunt, and either found all five items for at least one week, or was the race director’s pick for a week, receives an additional drawing for one of the grand prizes.


The above participants will have their names entered into the drawing at the end of the event. Stay tuned for a post on the final winners!

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