Happy Holidays Scavenger Hunt Week 5 begins Monday, 12/18

Love the giant nutcracker!

Today Bob C and I started at the Mundy Wildflower parking lot. Someone with huge footprints had recently run through.

Up to Tower Rd where the Milk Bottle sculpture marks the Dairy Store.

Then down Tower to the Traffic light.

Around Beebe Lake

and Forest Home Dr where we spotted a flag.

On the way home spotted a Moose and a deer.


Me too. They had a pair. One on both sides of the door.

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Headed down from the Utah-Arizona border to the Grand Canyon on Monday. Amazing place and the first time I can remember going even with 15 years living in AZ as a kid. But no scavenger hunts to be found, just the canyon!

On Tuesday we went on to Flagstaff and I visited Buffalo Park. This is a buffalo sadly, not a deer:

I saw someone running through the park who I’m 95% sure was Aliphine Tuliamuk. Lots of people there so these footprints are not actually hers:

This morning we visited the Museum of Northern Arizona which sits next to a very lovely little canyon. Walking alongside it I found a sculpture and a flagpole:

Finally, we drove back to Phoenix as I am flying back to Ithaca from here tomorrow. I went for a short run in my parents’ neighborhood on one of my loops from high school, now much more pleasant with traffic calming. Snapped a picture of myself with the sunset and the light at one end of the loop:


Nice little brisk run at Robert treman Park this morning. Only found a flag and foot prints.


Back in Ottawa, I scavenged the following items:

  1. A deer which also doubles as a sculpture:
  2. My footprints along with the prints of someone else’s furry friend:
  3. A nice set of flags:
  4. A front yard sculpture:
  5. And a traffic light on a draw bridge, with a standard traffic light in the background:

Last three.
Oh Deer!


Traffic light

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I already shared my sculpture but I had to share what I found on my run today in sapsucker woods! It’s awesome :sunglasses: no idea who made it but Had to share


When there’s no snow, @amy-dawson and I make our own footprints.

With no legit traffic lights in the village, we had the same idea as @Lorrie_Tily and got the lights near the school.

A sculptor on Trumansburg’s main street always has whimsical creatures to cozy up to.

Our neighbor has a trio of deer but two were sleeping.

And to top it all off, there’s Old Glory!


My neighbor’s deer on my morning dog walk.
5 deer
Then I went to downtown Spencer for my run because I know there are sculptures in the park. Here are three.
Swamp monster

Flower-loving insect
5 dragonfly sculpture
A snake!

A flag, of course, at the Fire Dept.

Earlier in the week on a treadmill run I snapped the flag hanging there

Footprints at the pond, made by…
5 footprints
Hundreds and hundreds of geese, standing on the thin ice. I know they’re not on this week’s list, but I wanted to share a rare and magical moment. The ice was singing! Making beautiful, eerie music as the movement of the birds set up vibration waves in the ice sheet.

There was a traffic light too, but I forgot to grab the picture. I’ll go by it tomorrow on my bike ride and post it.


I am in Florida, visiting my parents for the holidays, so I am sharing some warm-weather finds.

Rudolph and his friends on the front of a golf cart. Everyone has a golf cart here and they are driven more than regular vehicles.

Racoon and bird footprints at the beach.

A Buffalo Bills flag, and an American flag in the first picture – I’m unsure what the middle flag is. The second picture is an example of the strange sights of snow-themed decorations in a place where it’s 75° without snow.

Many houses have sculptures out front, mostly Florida themed (pelicans, mermaids, manatees, herons). How many sculptures can you find in this picture?

Lastly, this blinking stop sign is at one of the entrances to the community. People – in golf carts and regular vehicles alike – were blowing right through it, so they added lights.


Spotted this sculpture in Shelburne VT


And here’s our village blinker. It’s 18 miles in any direction to the nearest traffic light.


I have to confess. I can’t walk much or far yet. Just had my knee scoped. But I did get out and managed to find things very close to the house in Madison.


Goose statue and dog statue and a flag. A twofer!

Traffic light

Bonus creepy neighborhood Santa sculpture made w paper mache and dressed for the holiday


Footprints are showing in the foreground of this snapshot of me on the beach.

Also blow-up (rein)deer from today’s run.


Statue of a horse at an equine therapy place that I happened to run by

Traffic light and flag from runs earlier this week



OK, split my photos between Ithaca and the UK this week, as I’m back in the motherland for Christmas…

Traffic light on Warren Road:

Footprints (sheep and bird) in the mud on the lane between my parents’ home village and the next village north:

Saw plenty of deer from the train on our journey, but none when out walking or running, so this decoration will have to do (and handily doubles as a sculpture…?)

And a rather worse-for-wear British flag:

Bonus pic of lovely stormy Yorkshire skies:

Wishing you all very happy holidays from this side of the pond!


There were 14 participants in week five, and 13 of you found all five items! You are listed below, but this week’s race director’s choice is @HopeT for her footprints in fresh snow.


The above participants, plus Hope, will have their names entered into the drawing at the end of the event. Your name can be entered more than once, so check out our final week, week six, and keep posting!

If you have any questions, please feel free to DM me.