Help with Stewart Park storm cleanup

Hey runners, and especially those who like running in Stewart Park, here’s a chance to help clean up the park after Monday’s damaging storm.

Emergency call for volunteer rakers:

As you likely know, Monday afternoon, Stewart Park was hit with a storm that caused unbelievable amounts of damage. Trees are uprooted and giant branches are all over the ground. Also all over the ground, tons and tons of leaves and small branches.

City crews have taken care of hazards and will continue large scale clean up, but Stewart Park urgently needs your help. We now have been given the go-ahead by the city to call out for volunteers.

The City and Friends of Stewart Park request volunteers bring their work gloves and rakes down to the park FRIDAY 4-6 PM to work.

Rake piles of debris out of the lawns over to the closest road’s edge so city crews can easily pick them up. Small branches can be pulled to the edge of the road and lined up with broken ends on one side and leaves on the other, making them easier for the city to throw into the chipper. Storm debris can be found everywhere in the park, but the areas near the playground footbridges are of highest need. Volunteers are asked to just pick a spot that needs to be raked, especially on this western end of the park, just rake to the closest road. Please handle only small branches and DO NOT BRING OR USE SAWS.

Cleaning up this debris is a huge task, but many hands make light work. Please share this so more potential volunteers will see it and we can get Stewart Park in time for its 100th birthday party on July 4th. If you cannot make the Friday 4-6, you are invited to come rake on your own time, following the instructions above.

Safety note: The City underscores that all volunteers use caution areas that have been marked as hazardous and in general around fallen limbs and trees and under trees. Only attempt to move small branches, sticks, and leaves, and do not bring or use saws.

Thank you for helping Stewart Park!

Thanks for sending this around. I was there shortly after the storm, and it was a huge mess that could really use lots of willing workers to clean up.

I’ll be there on Friday - Charlie