Interested in FLRC providing a weekly workout schedule?

As you’ve no doubt seen, FLRC has had to cancel all our official group runs and workouts. Lots of races are being canceled too, but if you’d like to keep training and would be interested in running some workouts on your own, I’d be game for posting a weekly schedule to provide some structure in this time of uncertainty. (And it’s totally fine to just get base mileage in during this time too.)

I’d follow Jack Daniels suggestions, so I’d probably be suggesting two workouts a week, along with a weekend long run. One workout would focus on shorter repetitions, and the other would be a tempo run. In between the workouts you’d want to get in some easy miles for aerobic conditioning. Discussion before and after each workout can take place in its topic.

If this sounds like something you’d like, vote in the poll below so I can see if there’s enough interest and in which distances.

  • 5K to 15K
  • Half Marathon to Marathon

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I’d be interested in workout schedules for trail racers, preparing for the spring/summer season (if we get one!). Distances Thom B/Frolic to FL 50’s. I have some suggestions/experience but would be interest to hear from Pebbleheads.

Training for trail races falls mostly into the longer end of the 5K to 15K middle distance category, though I’d add in some more hill work and recommend doing more of the workouts on the trails themselves.

This is fantastic, Thank you for your efforts at keeping us together and doing what makes us happy.

Hey Adam, thanks for doing this.

I’m running about 30 miles a week- usually one workout a week due to time constraints. Looking to up it to two workouts a week with one day completely off.

Goal here is to get under 19 for the 5K this summer- right now at around 19:30 and 57 yrs old.

Got any suggestions?

You’re very welcome—enthusiasm and engagement from the community keeps me energized.

No promises, of course, but I think dropping 30 seconds in the 5K is doable with the right training if you stay healthy.

Just to make sure everyone here saw the workouts I posted…