Kids welcome in the PGXC series in the U19 category

In 2019, with the urging of @Mike_S, we worked with the PGXC organizers to create a 19-and-under age group category so homeschoolers and other kids who weren’t running on middle-school or high-school teams could have the opportunity to race cross country alongside their parents.

We fielded a team at each of the meets that year, and it was a huge success. One kid even leaned on his father to run in the Akron Falls race (most of the way to Buffalo) so the kid could race as well. Warms the cockles of the heart, it does (and helped our masters team too!)

The U19 category is in place for the PGXC series again this year, and series organizers Mike Nier and Colleen Newman just reminded us that the cost is only $50 for kids for the entire five-race series, down from $70 for adults.

So, if your child would like to race two 5Ks, two 6Ks, and an 8K this fall, especially if they’re doing the FLRC Kids Challenge now, sign them up for the FLRC team in the series! We strongly encourage parents to run too, but it’s certainly fine if you can’t run due to an injury or other problem.

Details and signup links here (put them on the FLRC team and roster spreadsheet): Run with FLRC and High Noon in the 2021 Pete Glavin Cross Country Series!