Looking for help with 5k, 10k, and half marathon training plan!

Hello! I am a former D3 soccer and basketball player and current second year veterinary student at Cornell. I love lifting and would like to maintain and add muscle while also improving my ability to run and cross-train. I hope to work towards becoming a better endurance athlete and eventually enter competitions.

I have a history of hamstring injuries and sciatic nerve pain that have made training more difficult, and that have left me looking for help with structuring a training plan that is best for me.

If anyone is able to offer any advice or help me with a training plan I would greatly appreciate it! I look forward to becoming more involved in the running community!

Nice to have you joining us, Allison. Many of us are big fans of Jack Daniels and his book, the Daniels Running Formula, and I base all the club workouts on its precepts. It also has explicit training plans for those distances based on Jack’s decades of research. I’d encourage you to take a look.

More generally, I’d encourage you to come to our Sunday Skunkday runs that are going on now for long-run companionship (with many people training for the Skunk Cabbage 10K). Then there are our Tuesday night Summer Speed workouts at Stewart Park starting in May, since those focus on the 5K/10K distance. Right now, we’re doing mile-focused workouts in Barton Hall on Tuesday nights, but those may be too much if you’re coming back from injury. But you’re still welcome to come and talk about your training!

Just keep an eye on the Group Runs & Workouts category for what’s happening.