MITHACAL MILERS time trial Tuesday, 11/21 at 7:00 PM in Barton Hall

For those who are new to my indoor workouts, I use the Jack Daniels system of determining training paces, which relies on a recent “race effort.” To that end, Tuesday’s workout will be a 1-mile time trial at your top speed. That said, it is a diagnostic effort, not a race! If you can’t make the time trial, feel free to run 1 mile at your race pace on your own sometime in the next week. 1 mile is 1609 meters, so start back from a standard track starting line by 9 meters.

Kate McCormick will be wrangling the younger kids again.

It’s looking like we can arrive a little before 7 PM, so I’ll aim to start the dynamic warmup at 7:05 PM this week, after which I’ll announce who’s in which heat. Right now, we have 38 people signed up, so that’s at least three and probably four heats by the time everyone signs up. Everyone who wants to participate in the time trial must register in advance! (and if you haven’t already done so, please also sign the new waiver). I need all the predicted times in hand by Tuesday afternoon so I can build the heats. Heats will run slow to fast.

Register for the Time Trial

Here’s how everything will work:

  • After warmups, I’ll give each person a pre-printed sticker with your name, number, and QR code on it—please put it on your left chest like a name tag.

  • Then the entire group will do 10 minutes of easy jogging. Then each heat will proceed along the following lines.

  • After the jogging, Heat 1 will assemble at the starting line and run 200m at 5K race pace. The goal is to get your heart rate closer to the max it will hit in the time trial so you have the full benefit of the higher heart rate earlier in the race-pace effort. It should also clear some jitters. And hey, this is training.

  • Heat 1 will start. I’ll have the big clock at the start/finish so you can check your lap splits—remember, even or slightly negative splits always work best, so don’t go out too fast.

  • As you finish, line up against the equipment cage in order of finish and stay there until we’ve scanned your QR code. One timer will be recording times; another will be capturing places by scanning. We’ll also have video backup if you’re not sure where you finished.

  • While we’re scanning finish order numbers and making sure our results are right, Heat 2 will assemble, and once the timers are done, will go into their 200m pickup before starting their heat.

  • Before and after your heat, jog in the opposite direction on the outside of the track to stay warm or get some extra miles. And cheer for everyone else!

  • Once our final heat is done and has gotten some cooldown jogging in, we’ll do the strength and mobility exercises as a group—those are important after hard efforts.

Any questions? See you Tuesday!


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