MITHACAL MILERS track workout and injury recovery session Tuesday, 11/8 at 7 PM in Barton Hall

Thanks to Daylight Saving Time and the end of the cross-country season, we’re moving inside. Join us for a MITHACAL MILERS track workout on Tuesday at 7 PM at Barton Hall. You can park in many spots on campus, but the parking garage is often the most convenient. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so you’ll have time to change, and make sure to sign in at the desk with FLRC as your affiliation when you come.

You must be an FLRC member to run in Barton Hall over the winter, including at these workouts — join or renew today if necessary. Everyone must also sign an online waiver once for 2022. It’s the same as for the FLRC group runs, so if you’ve signed that one this year, there is no need to do so again—check Webscorer to see if you already signed.)

For our first night in Barton Hall, I’m going to keep things simple, especially since a lot of our regulars ran a tough PGXC 8K in unseasonable heat and humidity on Sunday. We’ll kick things off at 7 PM with Jay Johnson’s Lunge Matrix and Leg Swings (see below for YouTube links).

  • Track Workout: Since no one is used to full track speed yet, after 10 minutes of warmup jogging, we’re going to run 8 by 200m (one lap) with each rep being an acceleration from an easy pace to your mile race pace by the last 50 meters. Recovery should be 400m (two laps) of easy jogging at a conversational pace. The goal here is merely to introduce your legs to faster turnover without shocking the system. The last 400m can be part of a 10-minute cooldown jog—you don’t want to stop abruptly after speedwork.

  • Injury Recovery Session: Once the runners have started, everyone who’s joining me for injury recovery will gather off to the side somewhere. For this first session, we’ll mostly talk about what we’re dealing with so I can come up with appropriate exercises.

Once the runners are done, we’ll reconvene to do Jay Johnson’s Strength and Mobility routine to close things down. Bring a yoga mat or towel for these.

I’ll be scheduling a mile time trial either next week or the following one so everyone can get a race time from which to determine paces using the Jack Daniels pace calculator.

Any questions?


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Amazing @adamengst traveling back to Ithaca now, so I’ll be there tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing you all :blush:


Are these open/appropriate for kids to participate in? I know you were looking for a coach for the younger age group


We’re working on that now, so let’s not do a kid session this week, but we’ll talk about it at the workout since I do have someone who can help out. But there are a few possibilities in the air at the moment.

Hello Barton my old friend, I come to be beat up by you again…