MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, 11/28 at 7:00 PM in Barton Hall

Great work at the time trial last week, folks! It was once again popular, with 39 people clocking diagnostic times. Now it’s time to apply the time trial result to your training, which is aimed at helping you race the mile in the FLRC January 21, February 18, and March 10 track meets, plus the Hartshorne Masters Mile on January 13 for those over 40. (Mile training is great for other distances too and builds oodles of moral character.)

First, look up your time on Webscorer, if you haven’t already. Second, go to the Jack Daniels’ VDOT Running Calculator. Select the 1 Mile distance, enter your time, in minutes and seconds, click Calculate, and switch to the Training tab below.

In the example above, I’ve used a 6:18 mile. The Training tab shows what your Easy (E), Marathon (M), Threshold (T, also called Tempo sometimes), Interval (I), and Repetition (R) paces are. We’ll mostly use T, I, and R in these workouts. The beauty of the calculator is that if our example runner wants to run an 800 at I pace, say, they can see that they should aim for roughly 50-second laps (look in the 200m column) and a 3:22 overall (the 800m column). It is good to have a watch you can start and stop for each rep, although we will split into groups who are roughly the same pace.

For this week’s workout, we’re going to do a descending ladder, which will give those who missed the time trial an opportunity to run a hard mile. The ladder will be 1 mile-800m-600m-400m-200m, with the mile either at R pace for those time trialing, or I pace for those who already did. The 800m and 600m will also be at I pace, and then the 400m and 200m will be at R pace. 400m recovery after each rep.

Kate McCormick will again be leading kids 5–11 in running games—we’re working with parents to provide an alternative for younger kids.

For those who haven’t joined before, we run in Barton Hall. You can park in many spots on campus, but the parking garage is convenient.

To meet new Cornell requirements, everyone must SIGN THE NEW FLRC TRAINING PROGRAMS WAIVER once for the next year! Parents must sign for children, and all kids must be accompanied by an adult. These waivers are not optional; I have to give Cornell copies for liability reasons, and I will be checking in at the workouts.

Sign the FLRC Training Programs Waiver

Any questions? See you Tuesday!


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As a quick addendum, because I was working too fast last night while posting this, for those who don’t have sufficient weekly mileage, one of the reps may be dropped, and the 1 mile starter rep can be done at T pace instead of I pace.