MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, 2/21 at 7 PM in Barton Hall

Congrats to all the MITHACAL MILERS who ran in yesterday’s track meet! There were some great races and stellar times. If you raced, be sure to check your new training paces.

Place Name Age Team Time
2 Dan Timmerman M Unattached 4:50
3 Scott Weeks M Groton Project TC 4:51
5 Patrick Milano M33 Unattached 4:55
17 William Boscia M14 Unattached 5:30
18 Walter Silbert M Unattached 5:34
22 Alistair Hayden M Unattached 5:49
24 Keith Eggleston M Groton Project TC 5:50
25 Steven Vanek M Unattached 5:52
35 Benjamin Lambert M16 Unattached 6:17
39 Liz Hartman W40 Unattached 6:35
40 Kim Jackson W54 Unattached 6:37
41 Maren Golden W Unattached 6:37
45 Ken Hodges M Unattached 6:44
51 Amalia Skilton W Unattached 6:59
54 Nora Golden W Unattached 7:09
62 Joseph Sullivan M65 Unattached 8:32

This week’s workout won’t have as much speed for those whose legs might still be a bit tired from the race. We’ll be running two sets of:

  • 2 by 800m/1000m at T pace with 1-minute walking rest after each one
  • 4 by 200m at R pace with 200m jogging recovery

The goal is for the T-pace work to be roughly 8% of your weekly mileage, so if your weekly mileage is 25 miles or less, run 800m instead of 1000m. If you have the mileage to support it and are feeling good, you can do a third set.

And yes, Kate will be back to lead the little kid workout, so parents, feel free to bring your kids to get them running around.

See you Tuesday!


Check out the lineup from this week! This is what the thundering herd looks like after we’ve lined up by pace group and are about to start the workout.