MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, 2/28 at 7 PM in Barton Hall

First off, big thanks to Cornell for letting us use Barton when it’s otherwise closed!

Second, after warmups but before we start the workout, I want to have a short discussion about the future of these workouts. In previous years, we started in January and stopped with the March track meet. But this time, we started in November and the group has been larger than ever before, so if enough people want to continue past the March 12th track meet (your last chance for a mile race until June!), I’m open to the possibility.

The workout this week is a classic—Deek’s Quarters, named for world-class marathoner Rob de Castella. The workout is simple: 8 by 400m at R pace with 200m recovery after each 400m. But it’s going to be tough no matter what, and for a true Deek’s Quarters workout, those 200m recoveries should be done a brisk trot, not a slow jog. If you’re on the lower end of weekly mileage, you can adjust how hard the workout is by how fast you run the recoveries.

See you Tuesday!


Hi Adam & all. I try to minimize my Ithaca trips, so I have been doing these workouts faithfully at home on my local (outdoor) track, or more often on the treadmill, instead of with the group. They have been incredibly beneficial to me and I am SO grateful to you for putting them up. I do hope you are able to continue with them. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
See ya at the March meet!


Not sure if I missed the discussion last night about potentially extending the season, but as long as Kids Club is around, we’ll be there!

The feedback seemed to be pretty much unanimous in favor of continuing the workouts through May 2nd, so we’ll keep doing that. When we have 60+ people (no kids in this photo) coming to run and hang out together every Tuesday night, how could I stop?

And as long as @kcmccormick8 is game for games, the kids are welcome! Once it becomes too warm to be indoors, we’ll have to rethink the location and workout types, but perhaps we can do something in Stewart or Cass Park.