MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, 3/21 at 7 PM in Barton Hall

First off, congrats to all the MITHACAL MILERS who ran our track meet on March 12th—there were some great times. Isaac Mazzeo ran a particularly impressive race for second place, dropping 12 seconds from his time trial time, William Shaw ran 42 seconds faster than his time trial, Ken Hodges took 20 seconds off his time trial, Maple Hubisz dropped her PR 64 seconds, and Tonya Engst lowered her season’s best by 26 seconds. Training works!

Place Name Gender Team Time
2 Isaac Mazzeo M Unattached 4:38
6 Scott Weeks M Groton Project TC 4:47
8 Mikhail Kern M31 Unattached 4:51
14 Jay Hubisz M Unattached 5:19
15 William Boscia M14 Unattached 5:20
16 Aaron King M Unattached 5:22
20 William Shaw M Unattached 5:42
22 Alistair Hayden M Unattached 5:45
24 Liz Hartman W40 Unattached 6:06
30 Ken Hodges M70 Unattached 6:47
32 Maren Golden W Unattached 6:50
33 Amalia Skilton W Unattached 6:51
39 Maple Hubisz W11 Unattached 7:38
40 Tonya Engst W Unattached 7:41
45 Deborah Bliss W75 Unattached 9:14

We’re going to be changing gears a little now that the indoor track season is over, so the workouts will be focused more on the 5K to 15K range, where there’s less emphasis on top speed—we’ll be doing fewer 200s. To be clear, for anyone doing serious training, these workouts will be aimed more at speed; you’ll want to do longer tempo work and easy distance on your own. Feel free to ask at the workout if you need suggestions.

For this week’s workout, we’re going to do something that’s simple but guaranteed to build aerobic conditioning and moral character: 800m repeats at I pace with 3-minute recoveries. How many you do is dependent on weekly mileage, as always, with the goal of keeping the I pace work to 8% of your weekly mileage. Most people will be in the 4–6 range.

A reminder for anyone who wants to join now that we’re moving away from mile training—for these workouts, you must be an FLRC member and sign a waiver once for 2023.

See you Tuesday!


Hi all, Unfortunately tomorrow I am unable to come for kids club- but I’ll see everyone next week!

Thanks for letting us know, @kcmccormick8!

Heads up that kids will be off this week, @ss965, @AlexK, and other parents…