MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, 3/7 at 7 PM in Barton Hall

We have a track meet coming up on Sunday (register soon!) so there will be two workouts this week, one for those racing on Sunday and another for everyone else.

  • Racing Sunday: This workout starts with 800m at T pace and then goes into 8 x 200m at R pace. The goal is to get a little tired in the 800m and then maintain race pace for the next mile—a simulation of what some of the laps of the mile or 3000m will feel like. Recovery is 200m after each rep, including the 800m. This workout should feel easy and give you a confidence boost that your training has prepared you for racing on Sunday.

  • Not Racing: For those who aren’t racing, the workout is an oscillating ladder, all at R pace. You’ll start at 600m, then run 400m, then 200m, then 400m, then 600m, then 400m, and so on. 200m recovery after each rep. Figure out how long to keep going by your weekly mileage—you’re aiming for 8%. So if you’re running 25 miles per week (40K), you’re looking for 3200m of speed, so 600-400-200-400-600-400-200-400.

And just a reminder for our new folks—for these workouts, you must be an FLRC member and sign a waiver once for 2023.

See you tonight!