MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, Feb 20, at 7 PM in Barton Hall

We had some excellent performances in yesterday’s track meet, folks, and congrats to Isaac Mazzeo, in particular, for his win in the 800m in a fabulous time of 2:01. (Apologies if I missed anyone!)

Place Name Age Team Time
1 Isaac Mazzeo M29 Unattached 2:01
8 Patrick Milano M34 Unattached 2:09
16 Mikhail Kern M32 Unattached 2:17
38 Liz Hartman W41 Unattached 2:45
39 Stephen Jesch M54 Unattached 2:47
44 Cecelia Madsen W34 Unattached 2:54
56 Alex Kleinerman W42 Unattached 3:05
58 Ken Hodges M71 Unattached 3:09
Place Name Age Team Time
6 Tim Phelps M32 Unattached 16:29
9 Roger Moseley M49 Unattached 17:11
12 Alexander Drazic M24 Unattached 17:28
17 Kilian Weinberger M44 Unattached 18:43
18 Aaron King M40 Unattached 18:45
19 Peter Frazier M45 Unattached 18:51
20 Jon Lewis M33 Unattached 19:15
21 Jason Jenks M27 Groton Project TC 19:19
26 Kaleb Smith M29 Unattached 19:33
27 Stephen Jesch M54 Unattached 19:45
30 Liz Hartman W41 Unattached 20:11
33 Steven Vanek M52 Unattached 20:59
37 Alex Kleinerman W42 Unattached 21:33
38 Amanda Robertson W36 Unattached 21:37
43 Amalia Skilton W31 Unattached 23:25

This week’s workout won’t have as much speed for those whose legs might still be a bit tired from the meet.

After our initial 200m pickup to spread the group out, we’ll be running two sets of:

  • 2 by 800m/1000m at T pace with 1-minute walking rest after each one
  • 4 by 200m at R pace with 200m jogging recovery

The goal is for the T-pace work to be roughly 8% of your weekly mileage, so if your weekly mileage is 25 miles or less, run 800m instead of 1000m. If you have the mileage to support it and are feeling good, you can do a third set.


This looks like such a great workout! I’m sorry it miss it this evening. I am still SO SORE from Sunday. I think it’s from running a fast 800m after doing the 5k. So, doing a workout didn’t seem strategic and I decided to just run easy today. Hopefully see everyone next week!

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