MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, Feb 6, at 7 PM in Barton Hall

This week, we’re going to one of those classic mile workouts that’s simple but highly effective:

  • 8 by 400m at R pace, with 400m recovery jogs.

The goal of this workout is to get your legs moving at your mile race pace early (don’t run the first couple too fast!) and then maintain that pace throughout the entire workout. That will get harder and harder as you get tired, which is an excellent stand-in for how you’ll feel in an actual mile race.

The neuromuscular focus for this workout will be on keeping your cadence high. We won’t worry about specific numbers, but I want everyone to start thinking a little about shortening the stride and thus taking more steps per minute. That’s perhaps the single most effective thing you can do to reduce the chance of injuries, as we’ll discuss briefly before the workout.



Hi Adam,

Is childcare for the littles available tomorrow night? Hoping to come work out.


I can’t coordinate that specifically, but last week, I think @Margaret_Frank and @AlexK were there with their younger children. Perhaps they can reply here, or you can reach out to them directly.