MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, Jan 16, at 7 PM in Barton Hall

(Yes, there will be Monday and Wednesday workouts this week at Barton at 7 PM; @Ian’s working on the posts.)

It’s time to see how your workouts have improved your fitness by running the mile at our track meet on January 21. Sign up this week since there’s no day-of-meet registration.

Since I hope to see many of you in the mile race next Sunday, this week’s workout will do double duty at boosting psychological readiness and improving fitness, depending on how many sets you do.

The workout is:

  • 200 at R pace, 200 recovery
  • 800 at I pace, 400 recovery
  • 200 at R pace, 200 recovery
  • 400 at R pace, 200 recovery
  • 200 at R pace, 200 recovery

Number of sets:

  • One set: If you plan to focus on running the best possible time in Sunday’s mile, or if your weekly mileage is under 15 miles per week, stick to one set.
  • Two or three sets: If you want to train through the race, and if your mileage is 20 miles per week or more, you can do two sets. Those with 30-40 miles per week could do a third set.

Remember that Cornell requires a new waiver for 2024, so please sign the FLRC 2024 Training Programs waiver if you haven’t already.

Any questions?

See you Tuesday night!