MITHACAL MILERS track workout Tuesday, Jan 30, at 7 PM in Barton Hall

We’re in the deep part of the mile training season now, folks, so this week’s workout is going to focus on strength and endurance to help you hold up later in the race.

Everyone will start with a 200m approaching R pace, followed by a 200m jog—the goal here is mostly to spread the group out on the track. Then the real workout is:

  • 4:50-6:00 milers: 3-4 by 1400m at I pace, with a 400m recovery after each
  • 6:30-7:15 milers: 3-4 by 1200m at I pace, with a 400m recovery after each
  • 7:45-8:30+ milers: 3-4 by 1000m at I pace, with a 400m recovery after each

You’ll note that there are gaps in those ranges for you to self-identify or adjust based on how you’re feeling. If you’re a 6:15 miler, for instance, you could run either 1400m or 1200m, or potentially two of each.

As to whether you should run 3 or 4 reps, that depends on your weekly mileage. The goal is to hit 8% of your weekly mileage, so if you’re a 7:00 miler running 30 miles (48k) per week, 8% is about 3800m, so you should do at least 3 reps and add in a fourth if you’re feeling good.

We’ll talk more at the workout about how to know when and how to cut a workout short too.


When we did this workout last year, it was such a great confidence builder. I also found it really funny that people couldn’t wrap their minds around doing a 1400m rep. We do 1000m, 1200m and 1600m so often that 1400m usually gets overlooked!

@casey deserves the credit for suggesting 1400m reps at High Noon years ago. At 7 laps, they’re a funny distance, but that’s part of the point—you have to pay attention to pace throughout since you won’t have the familiarity of knowing the likely finish time.

Sounds good