MITHACAL MILERS workout for the week of 12/25, on your own or with a friend

Here’s our third and final “can’t get on the track” workout to do on your own or with a friend. Again, find a flat surface with good footing for this workout. Remember to warm up well with at least 10 minutes of jogging, and cool down with another 10 minutes easy. Bonus points for doing the warmup lunge matrix and leg swings, plus the strength and mobility exercises afterward.

Fartlek workouts are hard to do indoors, but they’re a fun way to run fast without overdoing it. For each repetition, look ahead of you to a telephone pole or mailbox or tree or just something you can fixate on that will take 30-60 seconds to get to. Then gradually pick up the pace and run to that spot, working your way up to I pace (5K race pace) by the end. The goal is to enjoy running fast for an easily doable distance. Then come back to a steady-state pace—slower than M (marathon) pace, but not jogging. Run that pace for 30–60 seconds, or until your breathing has stabilized and you feel ready for the next pickup. Repeat for 30 minutes, or until the pickups don’t feel fun anymore. Don’t go over 45 minutes.

Since we can’t be together as a group, if you have a few minutes, report back on where you did this workout and how it went!

And if anyone wants to organize a particular pace-group workout time/place, feel free to post here too.