MITHACAL MILERS XC workout 9/21 at 6 PM at the Cornell Botanic Gardens

We have a PGXC race on Sunday, but there’s plenty of time to recover from a grassy pickup workout. I’ll reveal the precise details of where, but it will be flat and include roughly 500m of speed, followed by another 500m of rest. We’ll do 8-10 repeats, depending on your weekly mileage.

See you Tuesday at 6 PM.

PS: We meet at the parking area in the bowl of the F. R. Newman Arboretum at the Cornell Botanic Gardens . The workouts are free and open to all FLRC members, but everyone must sign an online waiver once for 2021. It’s the same as for the FLRC group runs, so if you’ve signed that one this year, no need to do so again. If you aren’t fully vaccinated, please wear a mask whenever you aren’t running. And get vaccinated!


Hello - after saying I would be there tonight, the Red Cross has decided to send me to Louisiana for two weeks instead, so please accept my apologies for my continued absence! With any luck, I should be able to come along at the beginning of October. Have fun!

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Sorry to miss you, but I hope the fact that it’s the Red Cross doing the sending means that you’re going for a very good reason! See you soon…

@Jamie, @amalia, and @Charlie_Hale, my apologies for not posting the exact location of where we were doing our loops! I was trying to make it more of a surprise and totally forgot that some people might arrive a little late and not be able to find us. I’ll be more explicit in the future for those who can’t quite get there at 6 PM.

We were just further down toward Flat Rock, running loops on the flat grass around the planted beds there, which was a nice XC simulation in terms of surface and turns.

@adamengst No worries, I just had the time wrong! Was thinking the workout started at 6:30.