Please register for the MITHACAL MILERS time trial on 11/21

Good day, runners! If you’re interested in running the MITHACAL MILERS mile time trial this coming Tuesday at 7 PM at Barton Hall, please sign up in Webscorer (completely free, but as with the workouts, you must be an FLRC member). I need everyone registered in advance so I can manage the timing and get results easily.

We’ll be running at least three heats, seeded by time (slow to fast, as in our meets). The registration will ask for a predicted mile time—just guess what you think you can run so I can put you in an appropriate heat. Note that the predicted time has pop-up menus for hours (HH), minutes (MM), and seconds (SS). Please don’t use the hours menu—no one should be taking that long. :slight_smile:

The current plan is to give everyone a name tag sticker with a number and QR/bar code on it. After you finish, we’ll be asking everyone to line up in order of finish so we can scan the code on your number to match up with the recorded times.

To be clear, for anyone who might find this stressful, THIS IS NOT A RACE, even against yourself. It’s a diagnostic effort designed to help you (and me) determine what pace you should run in training.

I’ll need a couple of people to help, but with all the heats, it shouldn’t be a problem to recruit some volunteers who have already run or have yet to run.

See you Tuesday!

Is the time trial just for the adults or are there going to be children “racing” too?

It’s for anyone who wants to run a mile—I’ll build heats based on predicted time. :slight_smile:

I suspect that the kids who have been running the workouts will also run the time trial, but Kate’s group of younger ones will not.

Adam, the email says the time is 7 pm, the Webscorer sign up says 7:30 pm Anne

Yep. Don’t worry about that—I left it open a little longer in case someone brings a friend who didn’t know to sign up in advance.