Please register for the MITHACAL MILERS time trial on 11/22

Good day, runners! If you’re interested in running the MITHACAL MILERS mile time trial this coming Tuesday at 7 PM at Barton Hall, please sign up in Webscorer (completely free, but as with the workouts, you must be an FLRC member). I need everyone registered so I can manage the timing and get results easily.

We’ll be running at least three heats, seeded by time (slow to fast, as in our meets). The registration will ask for a predicted mile time—just guess what you think you can run so I can put you in an appropriate heat.

To be clear, for those who might find this stressful, don’t think of this as a race, even against yourself. It’s a diagnostic effort designed to help you (and me) determine what pace you should run in training.

I’ll need a couple of people to help, but with all the heats, it shouldn’t be a problem to recruit a volunteer or two who has already run or has yet to run.

See you Tuesday!