Proposed carpooling for PGXC #5 on Nov 7th to Finger Lakes Community College: 8:15 AM

Google thinks it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes to get to FLCC. We meet at 8:15AM and leave at 8:30 to get there by 9:50. Warm up, and by golly score some points in the last race!
End of Daylight Savings Time (“Fall back”) happens during the night before this race
If you forget to change your watch, you will arrive at the carpool an hour early…
MEET AT 8:15AM and LEAVE at 8:30AM (Sunday, November 7th).
Vaccinated and masked, please.
If possible, plan to stick around after the race for the awards ceremony. Outside, with pizza.
Southwest corner of the Vet School parking lot (across from the Cornell Orchards on Route 366
PLEASE RSVP to this Forum Topic so we know how many to expect.

I’ll be there and hope to catch a ride with someone.

Tonya and I will be coming and can provide a ride for Charlie and one other person. We will be staying for the awards ceremony afterward.

Thanks Adam! What’s the plan for post-race? Awards on-site or indoor banquet as in the past?

Mike and Colleen are now planning and outdoor awards ceremony with pizza for all, likely in the same area as the finish line. By mid-day, the weather should be low 50s and not raining, so if people can change into warm, dry clothing after they race, they should be comfortable outside.

I’d like to catch a ride with someone. I don’t mind staying for the awards.

I would also like to join the carpool group. I will be there hoping to catch a ride.

Casey and I would appreciate it if someone who has space and is willing to take passengers could pick us up in downtown Ithaca. The usual meeting spot is in the bank parking lot near Island Fitness.



I can give rides to four vaccinated folks, planning to stick around for the post race festivities. How about up to three of us (me included) take off at 8:20AM from the vet school and pickup Jesse and Casey at the bank spot downtown. Go teams!

I’ll be at the bank to meet you, Carl. -Casey

Sweet! I can use our family car.
I can take Patrick and Sandy.
I suppose if we wanted to squeeze, two of me, Patrick, and Sandy could go with Carl to pick up Casey and Jesse, and the other of the three could go with Adam, Tonya, and Charlie.
Let’s decide tomorrow.

Thanks Jean-Luc! I’m confirming with this that I’ll be picking up Casey (and presumably Jesse too) at the bank at 8:30AM after picking up folks at the Vet School at 8:15AM or so. Sincerely, Carl

Hi all. Adam and I are going to pick up Sandy at her house and Charlie at his house. This will save Christine (Charlie’s wife) from an early wake-up. We won’t see you at the B Lot, but we will see you at the race.

Thanks Tonya, Unfortunately Jesse is injured, So we’ll only be picking up Casey at the bank. Following Jean-Luc’s plan and meeting at the Vet School at 8:15AM. See you at the races!, Sincerely, Carl