Summer Speed workout Tuesday 5/21 at 6:30 PM at Stewart Park

This week’s workout will be in the Bird Sanctuary Triangle, where we’ll be doing On-Off repeats for each of the sides of the triangle. That means you’ll run hard (R pace, or mile race pace) from the starting point to the bridges, jog easy to the old gate leading to Ithaca High, and run hard back to the starting point. Then you’ll do it again, but this time, the first run to the bridges will be easy, the middle one will be hard, and the return to the start will be easy. Two completions of the triangle get you three On reps and three Off reps. Everyone should do at least two sets; most people should do three, and those with sufficient mileage can do four.

What if you just raced Thom B on Sunday (Banyan, Tonya, Cecelia, and others)? You can run the same loop to take advantage of the soft trails and stay with the group, but instead of R pace, either stick with an easy pace the entire way or do 6-8 very light 30-second pickups interspersed in the run. When you’re two days out from a long race effort, it’s mostly important to get the legs moving for a few miles. You can run easy for the length of the workout or cut it short if you find yourself tiring out.

As always, we meet at the Stewart Park bocce pits near the big pavilion, with the warmup starting at 6:30 PM. All are welcome, but you must be an FLRC member and sign the FLRC Training Programs waiver once for 2024.